Monday, June 1, 2020
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Title: 73% Phunk
Format: 2 x CD (double CD)
Label: Inmusica
Rated: *****
Here we go with Genova's own godfather of funk, we've been talking about him when reviewing Audiodevice, since he was featured as a singer. His own project with Les Gastones is funk to the bone as you can easily guess from the records' title, but in the drink you're gonna taste a little bit of acid jazz, a slice of italian pop flavor and a spruce of soul. Funky easy listening that reclaims the airwaves both when following a dance route and when it surrenders to soft heartbreaking tunes. Classic fm-funk/fm soul style, thus if you're looking for some weird "white-funk extravaganza" you'd better leave your hopes, just some hip-hop incursions but I don't think it will surprise anybody since it's a natural marriage. After many listenings I think this guys really kick ass above all when going for the slowest cuts, but I can imagine when playing live the fast tunes are a sure shot for a crowd who's there to dance till death. I dunno if you know Enzo Avitabile but mr. Soul reminds me so much of him and I think it's a great comparison since Avitabile is one of the few artists mixing italian music, traditional ethnic reminiscences and afro-american influences and giving it all credibility. For example give a listen to "sSull'onda buona", or "Dammi un brivido" and tell me if this not the typical mid summer chart climber!?, here you have some other potential hits, but this one is my first candidate for the heavy rotation if you're into the style. Usually that's not exactly my cup of tea, above all for the fact many italian pop productions get suffocated by a bunch of plastic like sounds, but this could be a good follow up to bands such as Dirotta su Cuba with the considerable difference this time the singer is not a lady but a gentleman. Hard to say if it gets the popularity it demands, but I've no doubt about the fact it's a good product. For what concerns the product itself, here you have a double cd with some live tracks and some videos to make it all even more appetitive. Don't worry, I've not mentioned intentionally James Brown, Steve Wonder, Isac Heyes, Barry White or Marvin Gaye, but this double cd pays such a tribute to these black masters you hardly will distinguish the different influences. A soulful, danceable artifact that could also make it in the heart of those who loved early Jamiroquay and Us3, just more "traditional" and much more poppy.