Tuesday, July 7, 2020
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La Magra: Schwarze Boten

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Artist: La Magra (@)
Title: Schwarze Boten
Format: CD
Label: Rupal Records (@)
Distributor: Alive
Rated: *****
Second full-length album of this German Dark Electro-act, which follows the tradition and style of the debut "Music For The Living Death", out on the X-Cem collective leaded by Kai Arnold (WYNARDTAGE), who’s nowadays one of the responsible people behind Rupal Records. Brainchild of this act is Louis Cyphre, who expresses through LA MAGRA his addictive dedication to the dark and mystic side of life. He draws an enormous influence out of vampire sagas, zombie stories and other unholy stuff and presents this mainly through his lyrics and the use of cinematic voice samples. Musically it is Dark Electro with some end-time scenario flavor, which follows the patterns of renowned acts like BLUTENGEL or CEPHALGY, but luckily with a lesser commercial-oriented aspect. The music is thrilling and fits with the attitude of the artist, although it includes nothing what can be called new or never heard before. Hellectro is mainly unavailable, the rather more Gothic-Horror influence with its spooky mood takes almost all attention. Nevertheless also Schwarze Boten offers enough forward-moving stuff ("Angel Of Darkness", "Wesen Der Nacht") which shall impress the darkest creatures to storm the dancefloors. The stronger moments are also present, if Louis hires some of his female co-vocalists like DeeKay ("God Is Dead", "Phoenix") or Conny ("Guardian Angel", "Flieh Mit Mir"). Also worth to mention is the title track ("Dark Messengers"), placed as a special gimmick at song position 66. Yes, you’ve assumed it right, the most content featured on this album deals a lot with Goth-related cliches – but name an act which avoids cliches at all, can you? Not bad at all, and of course a production-wise improvement to the debut is noticeable.


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