Tuesday, July 7, 2020
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Artist: Genocide Lolita
Title: Direkt Aktion Kommandos
Format: CD
Label: SkullLine (@)
Distributor: SkullLine
Rated: *****
I should admit in advance that the above used link to contact this US one-man-act leads you directly to the brainchild of GENOCIDE LOLITA, Justin O. I couldn’t resist to watch and search a bit at MySpace after this act, since the given contact information I received from SkullLine, the responsible label for this release, led me to a deleted MySpace account. Currently there isn’t any real artist profile available of this act, as Justin slated it on his profile: "I have about 12 musical projects at the moment and none of them have a profile at present because they are a little too adult and truthful for this preschool oriented community." Well, but another truth can be the fact, that the rough politically-driven onslaught of this act pisses mighty against Tom’s wooden leg. Maybe this all has ended before too often in deleted accounts, until Justin got fed up with the procedure to create new accounts as often as possible. The music of GENOCIDE LOLITA can be described as a Lo-fi version of rough Power-Electronics infiltrated with uncountable samples taken out of news flash reports, sirens, trailers, and so on. All efforts are based and intended to add a quite questionable politically influence to GENOCIDE LOLITA. I think that Justin has become to a somewhat public enemy, also some of his racist-inspired ideas to "organize a new separate nation for white people called Vinland" won’t do any good. But back on track since I have to review his music instead asking for his politically correctness. The globally music outfit is quite disturbing, it’s harsh, but only at times rhythmically oriented. Sample by sample got overdriven, repeated and delayed to provide a very own form of Powernoise. A bit more clearance in the production and also on the raw screamed vocals would may do any better. I would suggest to check this stuff out in advance, as there will be hopefully some tunes online available in a "more parental" community. 9 tracks are featured using some self-describing titles like "Guantanamo Bay – Camp X-Ray", "Sharp Shooters" or "Are We Artists Posing As Terrorists Or Are We Terrorists Posing As Artists?" on this limited item, as usual you’ve to hurry up to contact the German SkullLine label, in case you’re interested.


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