Saturday, August 8, 2020
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Title: "Oh Me Oh My... ... ... "
Format: CD
Label: young god records
Distributor: young god records
This one is kinda odd to me given I’m not a fan of T-Rex or anything like that, given that is Devenda’s major influence. With that in mind I was getting afraid of arena rock on this CD, but I was proven wrong thankfully. The CD seems very mellow, but the thing that caught me was his odd lyrics, which seem to bounce from one tangent to another (as if I’m one to judge given my poetry’s habit of this). His lyrics to me seem his ultimate strength and the music following behind, which is not a bad thing, since that seems his intention. The sound is very raw, just a guitar and drums, very primal (one of Gira’s loves). I oddly feel like he recorded this in a coffeehouse, since there seems to be the live atmosphere of a small club about. Rating: 8.


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