Monday, August 3, 2020
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Artist: Lacuna CoiL
Title: Comalies
Format: CD
Label: century media
Distributor: century media
The beginning track "Swamped" displays the graceful flow of chords on the CD, flowing from one gorgeous power chord to the next, getting metalheads and Goths alike to moving. Even the Sarah McLaughlin types can get into this one. The song shows their power to be both heavy and graceful at the same time, which was well displayed on the last CD, Unleashed Memories. Gliding along side it is "Heaven’s A Lie", which can be considered both a pop song and a metal-ethereal song at the same time. Throughout the CD, power chords paint an atmosphere for both male and females both masterfully done. The sound seems to be going towards a more This Ascension-type style of ethereal rock, with very tight playing and the occasional keyboard adding to the atmospheric mood. And for the fans of their Italian sung songs like me, there is the closing track Comalies (the promo pack says it’s sung in a dead language. When did Italian die?!? Did I miss something and Italy just disappeared?!?!). My faves on here are Swamped, Heaven’s A Lie, Self Deception , Tight Rope, and Unspoken, though this whole CD is meant to be listened to all the way through for that good trance effect. The entire CD is pure delight for both Goths and metalheads out there to enjoy, getting these two different and often opposing groups together. And to me, with my found again love of metal I put his band as my top ethereal outfit, led by some of the best guitarists in metal and one of the most gorgeous and talented women in music (she sings not with classical training like some would think, but just on sheer heart). Stay tuned for the posting of the Lacuna interview soon! Rating: 10.


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