Saturday, August 8, 2020
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Artist: Boards of Canada
Title: Twoism
Format: MCD (Mini CD)
Label: Warp (@)
After their triple LP/CD "Geogaddi" (almost a year ago), Scottish Boards of Canada are back with a re-issue of their legendary debut "Twoism", originally released as a 100 copies limited edition LP and MC in 1995 and subsequently sold for up to about 1000 dollars among collectors! Warp, who signed them in 1998, is to be thanked for here, as this, by many considered a true masterpiece of ambient music, is readily available at human prices again! The drifty chill-out ambient music magically performed by Boards of Canada has been entirely re-cut and re-mastered and the same track-list (including the unlisted hidden bonus track) is reiterated. The peculiar Warp signature sound bleeds through this record with its lush electronica, dreamy harmonic sounds, minimal song bodies and straightforward drum patterns. Among the Warp artist roster I would probably pick Autechre as a good match (even though I haven't heard the latest Autechre music), but also Jimmy Cauty and the Hartnoll brothers are a plausible inspiration here. Some of their analog synths actually sound like Aphex Twin (check out "Seeya Later" to know I am right ;-) but it's just the sounds, not the beats. "Twoism" is now available as a digipack MCD with the original artwork and a sticker as well as a 12" black vinyl. This music is beautiful, powerful, emotional, hypnotic, relaxing... a great example of the "less is more" philosophy!


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