Thursday, May 28, 2020
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Brombron's 3rd chapter (see Bjorgulfsson/Ohlsson review for more info on the series or check out brings together Tore Honore Boe (known for choosing unusual formats such as records, floppies, micro-cassettes and somehow involved with the Origami Republika collective) and long time experimenter Roel Meelkop (also one third of Kapotte Muziek and Goem and one fifth of THU20). Their involvement in field recordings and experience with sound manipulation translates into a feast of subtle sound occurrences and mellow ambience. If you listen to this at a moderate volume you won't hear much because the dynamics keep a low profile and rarely peak, but if you turn it up you'll discover a world of small glitches, low rumbles, and mid-range floors that were probably getting lost among the noise of your room's steam heat unit or the outside traffic noise dampened by your closed window...