Saturday, July 11, 2020
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Bequeen's tenth anniversary CD release (one of the two planned ones) comes with a 3 year delay because of the stinky situation of the underground record label industry (if you are a musician you know the story: not enough labels, not enough money, not enough interest or whatever the reason is...). But fortunately for all the fans of this band Staalplaat's sub-label Korm Plastics has decided to release this record (Beequeen prefers not to release too many CDs on their own record label so they tried other labels first and many were interested but couldn't release it for some reason), and that's how Bequeen's "A Touch of Brimstone" sees the light... A collection of both previously unreleased and released (but in some cases now unavailable or out of print or hard to find) songs spanning in time from 1989 to 1995 that represents a good summary of their activity for those who want to get into the band or for those who have followed them for years, like their longest dedicated fan Elenka Freikkar, whose writings even got selected to be part of the thick booklet, along with those of their site's webmaster (who is also the webmaster of the Muslimgauze website and of other band's websites adhering to the, journalists and other friends and personalities... The booklet also contains lots of pictures and an updated discography (23 releases and counting! ...not including compilation appearances), so like I said before, a must for both supporters and those new to the Beequeen sound. For those who don't know Beequeen at all yet, think of it as experimental drone music. Beequeen is Freek Kinkelaar and Frans De Ward, who is also founder of Korm Plastics and one of the people who work at Staalplaat. At the top of this review I had mentioned that there is another 10th anniversary CD, and that one came out in time (1999) and is called "Do Be Do; A Live Anthology" (still available from their own label Plinkity Plonk records).


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