Tuesday, August 11, 2020
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Artist: Bajskorv (@)
Title: Scars And Stripes
Format: CD
Label: Buried Electric
Rated: *****
Releasing under their own label moniker Buried Electric, we like to welcome this newcomer duo. Though the band name sounds quite Russian, they are hailing out of the North-Eastern area (VA, DC, MD) of the United States. Consisting of Christian Wright (machines and programming) and Juan Monarez (lead vocals and lyrics), this duo produces a rough sort of Electro/Industrial music dealing with influences of classic Industrial acts like THROBBING GRISTLE or CONTROLLED BLEEDING, mixed with the harder Electro-sound of the early 90ies like :WUMPSCUT:, SKINNY PUPPY or VAC. And indeed, BAJSKORV offer a very explosive sort of music, which at times drifts between a straight and dancefloor-oriented attitude ("Kapital", "Side Effects") to a total chaotic wall of noise, which interrupts one or another song extremely ("No Escape"). That’s a quite interesting kind of work, it seems that they build a lot of content by chance and with an improvisational intention. So some of the songs have to walk a hard way to get back on track. That’s surely not really a smooth form of ear-candy, but it has its own rebellious kind. I would suggest them, to polish here and there some aspects of their production, but if this means, that they would cut out their Punk-like attitude, then this can’t be a serious recommendation. These talented musicians have recognized it right, that the solution to reach an authentic sound output can’t be found in to copy just another Hellectro act, so let’s congratulate them to this convincing album. Good, poisonous, but also addictive, I like to encourage them to keep on this way. And they are doing live performances, so if they invade in your area, make sure to check them out.


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