Monday, September 28, 2020
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Title: DeConstruCt. 10 solo pieces
Format: CD
Label: Creative Sources (@)
Rated: *****
Nice exhibit of solo performance for this experimental musician playing a Flexichord a sampler and some objects. A Flexichord is a string instrument Muntzing has built with the help of Martin Kohn, it looks like a weird mixture of a zither and a guzheng, this swedish musician plugs, strikes, scratches the strings with a incredible number of objects remembering the approach of Fred Frith to go beyond traditional guitar playing. "DeConstruCt" is an interesting effort and take for granted it has its moments, for example the opening and the closing tracks simply blew me away, I wish the cd had some more high pitched notes for the sound of the instrument and the taste of the player here get mixed "tres bien!". There are some additional samples to enrich the salad, a drum here, but Flexichord is the real and only protagonist of this work. One of the favorite trick in most of the pieces is to change note with the help of tremolo, improvised slides or who know what else, the electro-acoustic factor is really small and most of the times this music reminds of some minimal, gamelan-alike composition. No, we're quite far from serial composition but repetitions or loops have their importance or at least that's the impression I got. Funny how Muntzing likes to bang the chord to make it sound like some prepared piano emphasizing the percussive aspect of playing a string instrument. If you force me to do a mannerist classification I'd put together definitions like "abstract soundscapes counterpoised to melodic, minimalist tracks" where the voice of the harmony of the instruments becomes central. An interesting work, above all when he goes really close to some traditional way of playing harps.


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