Monday, September 28, 2020
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Title: Coh Plays Cosey
Format: CD
Label: Raster Noton (@)
Rated: *****
At first I was thinking that COH PLAYS COSEY was a sort of tribute album, instead, Ivan Pavlov (active since nineties with his project and also as a Coil collaborator) isn't covering Cosey, he's playing her. How? Well, let's start from the beginning. Everything took form from e-mail discussions Ivan and Cosey had about things like human vulnerabilities, their perceptions or reactions to situations, etc. Ivan suggested to Cosey to create a diary of voice sounds that represented and exorcised the clusters of emotional responses to events over a period of time. Ivan took all these sounds and reworked them producing nine tracks. "Closer", "Crazy", "Mad", "Sin-king", "Lost", "Near you", "Fuck it", "Inside" and "Lying" are intimate moments where the listener is taking the role of a peeping Tom due to the personal nature of the recordings. The voice of Cosey has been dismembered and reprocessed and these sounds have been used like a functional background where Ivan pasted Cosey's phrases. Only on "Lying" we have the add of Cosey's trumpet (which can be seen always as a vehicle since it can't work without Cosey's blow) but everything else has been made from sounds produced by her mouth. Musically the album sounds minimal and glitch and silence has an important role. Rhythm is used with parsimony and mostly at the end of tracks when Ivan makes the sound grow. This is the fist chapter of an ongoing project and it is possible that we'll soon see the "Cosey plays Coh" album.


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