Monday, September 28, 2020
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Artist: CYCLOTIMIA (@)
Title: Deja Vu
Format: CD
Label: Shadowplay (@)
Distributor: Small Voices
Rated: *****
Re-pressing two sold out 10" released back in 2002 ("Same Time Same Place" and "Metamorphosis") and adding a new version of "Miserere MMI" which was included into New Death Order" CD EP, DEJA VU is the latest release by Cyclotimia. The CD opens with the digital ambient sounds and chants of "Miserere MMI", a short track which introduce us to the first lot of tracks coming from "Same Time Same Place". You read right, I said lot. Cyclotimia didn't want to reproduce the releases as they were but tried to mix the track list just to give a new structure to the album as it was a whole. The tracks coming for the first 10" are sounding more focused on the digital ambient psychedelic effect made of hisses, synth loops, light rhythms and vocal samples (there are also some exceptions like the semi industrial ambient "Same place" and the electronic gently tension of "Paradise X / Dub"). The tracks from "Metamorphosis", instead are a little more ambient and tend to create a different ambience, maybe more "spatial" with less digital grinding noises. Sometime when I listen to Cyclotimia I have the sensation of something of impalpable which tend to be distant. Sometimes I like it and sometimes I like it less because I'd prefer them to sound also passionate...


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