Monday, September 28, 2020
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Title: Bszent Hun
Format: CD
Label: Creative Sources (@)
Rated: *****
This trio's language is that spoken by many actual electro-acoustic musicians, they use it really well without leaving every possible "verbal" solution unexplored. Weapons this time are floor tom, objects, trumpet, electronics and yes, as you could have guessed yourself it's really abstract, above all if you consider also the trumpet is not involved in the emission of what you usually may consider a "normal" note, but this' not a peculiarity of this work since it's the lowest common denominator of the most of the releases of the genre. This cd starts really softly and grows (in every sense) with the passing of tracks, and it grows for good infact the fourteen minutes circa of Kyeur see the trio involved in taming what becomes one of the most expressive combination of Bszent Hun. Talking about a general change of dynamics of the release is pertinent if we focus on the whole central part, by the way don 't consider it just a dynamic progression for it would be a big mistake, infact they've been smart to put together a tracklist where they quiet down the atmosphere right when you need it. In general we can say the unvoiced playing of the first half of the cd is left for an electro-acoustic selection of jams that have a louder/stronger voice. In general the selection of sounds the play is quite sharp and low frequencies are less present but don't expect it to be a collection of sharp sounds as if Pan Sonic were involved into electro-acoustic impros.


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