Monday, September 28, 2020
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Artist: LUASA RAELON (@)
Title: season of the witch
Format: CD
Label: Snip-Snip records (@)
Rated: *****
Luasa Raelon is another project involving Harvest Reed that we've recently reviewed with his other moniker Envenomist, and it's a high quality release. Differently from his work title "Abyssal siege" he's put out with Envenomist name, "Season of the witch" is less focused on distant sounds and although you hear he used reverbs, the context is a bit different. Harvest Reed's touch is easily distinguishable and it's still a dark-ambient work, but everything moves essentially "around" you and the drowning sensation this time is not haunting the whole recording. I find this work is less trippy and way more sinister and I got this impression from the early tracks. I don't know exactly the background of this american musician, but differently from many post-black-metal-dark ambient projects, this music is obscure but also incredibly elegant, that's why my hypothesis is he's probably took big doses of industrial/isolationist/experimental listenings. The fact is Season of the witch" reminded me of some of the most intense releases Lustmord, Hafler Trio (when going more ambient), Lull, Eclipse just with a more actual sound. Generally I don't go mad for that kind of works, but Luasa Raelon and generally, everything else I've heard from this Reed, is really intense and the funny thing is its simplicity. After having played this cd several times my impression is that Reed is somewhere among isolationism and dark ambient and that's what probably makes the difference.


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