Saturday, May 30, 2020
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Title: Split 2
Format: 12"
Label: Basserk (@)
Rated: *****
SPLIT 2 is the second 12" of the Basserk Netherlands/French split series. This series want to introduce you new exiting bands which characteristic is to deal with the electro sound in a special way. May it with punk influence or may it with techno impetuosity, the bands are picked up by Basserk and treated like number ones. Printed on deluxe heavy vinyl 12" each band has a side and three cuts to prove their greatness. This time, for this second release, we have the French Three Cheers For Dirty and Netherlands Lucky Goat (formed by two ex 3-1 members, which already released a 12" on Basserk). Three Cheers For Dirty are presenting on their side three techno punk grooves where techno fat bass lines duet with electro bleeps and raw distorted vocals creating a distorted mixture which sound like Miss Kittin meet Peaches. The French guys aren't afraid to get their hands dirty and shoot out three hypnotic punk upbeat tempos. Lucky Goat are less raw sounding and propose three of what the label calls "electronic music with a tropical breeze". "Ooh yeah (Lionfish rmx)", "Midnight sour" and "Salad" are a mixture of electro reggae and low bit-rate dub with bass frequencies and echoed vocals: particular and funny. If you have the opportunity check for first "Salad", a good example of funky electro with jazzy inserts. Bounce it baby!