Wednesday, June 3, 2020
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Title: Kywitt! Kywitt!
Format: CD
Label: Prilosnovenie (@)
Distributor: Audioglobe
Rated: *****
Three years after the third "Elvenmusic" part, Caprice are back with a new masterpiece of faerie music. For this new "tale", Anton Brejestovski took inspiration from the Grimm brothers tales translated by Zhukovsky. This time the elves world is seen under the human eyes and for this reason it could seem also more hallucinatory than the usual. Anyway, I was really surprised with the opening song of the album, because "Dundellion wine" is a really good melting pot where you can find progressive rock, jazz, electronic arrangements and, as usual, the beautiful Inna Brejestovskaya's voice. Really amazing. Another track which see the band's members experimenting a little with new sounds is the short "More", where piano soft notes are joined by ambient sounds. Also "Peggy" and the closing "Fae fae fae fae fae fae fae" have an unusual sound for the band, because they are a sort of folk rock ballad with no orchestral sounds (and the latter one has also quite a funny/joyful sound with elves playing around). The remaining tracks have, as usual, a folk traditional musical and lyrical influence with great orchestrations or, as for "Philomel with melody" we have folk melodies played with cello and flute with the addition of a jazzy contrabass. KYWITT! KYWITT! is a less classical sounding album and sees the band reaching a new level into their art.