Wednesday, June 3, 2020
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Artist: Down Below (@)
Title: Sand In Meiner Hand
Format: CDS (CD Single)
Label: Vertigo / Universal
Rated: *****
No one can seriously expect a filling review by receiving a 1-track SI-CD with a new track of Germany’s Alternative/Pop act DOWN BELOW. Hailing out of the German state Sachsen-Anhalt, DOWN BELOW have taken part at the famous Bundesvision Song Contest which happens year by year as a rival contest to the Eurovision Song contest and it got transmitted via TV through the German TV station Pro7. This happened in the middle of February and – surprise, surprise – Goth Rock seems to get more and more exposure of the audience, since DOWN BELOW could enter a fantastic and non-expected 3rd rank. Congratulations, also it has to be mentioned that SUBWAY TO SALLY, another German Goth-Rock institution could win this contest. Sand In Meiner Hand combines all good but also all known ingredients featuring a good composition and production, some orchestral-like string-sounds leading the tempo, some guitar riffs are accomplishing the refrain. Catchy as hell it doesn’t wonder too much that this stuff comes out mass-compatible. I wish them quite more radio inserts, since I would appreciate it a lot if stuff like this would get more attention against the uncountable faceless plastic-pop bitches.