Saturday, June 6, 2020
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Title: AA
Format: CD
Label: S.K. (@)
Rated: *****
French rock is healthy these days or at least that an obvious impression since I see so many rock oriented bands coming from over there. This Clara Clara is another indie punk-rockish outfit that put it all on melody and sure on distorted fat indie rock, I say this since differently from many other french combos they’re not into the post/math-rock thing, infact while playing instrumental they’re closer to some weird mix of basic Trans AM but way less technical plus juvenile and more solar in playing their funny melodies. They use the voices but just to add more color to the canvas because it’s not real vocals, the first obvious reference to identify their style is instrumental punk-rock that reminds some indie band of the Matador roster from back in the days and I’ll name one band for all since they’re/have been really underrated but they were so damn good and their name was 18th dye. I dunno if you’re able to remember that wonder trio but this french band is so unclean in playing some punk-pop tunes they’re really close to that german trio. They use a keyboard or something with a strong organ sound but distorted bass is the driving force in most of the tracks therefore while the skeleton of the song is represented by an energetic rhythmic session many of the melodies are depicted by the keyboardist. At time it sound childish, it’s meant without any doubt, this a party band indie poppers may enjoy it.