Friday, June 5, 2020
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Title: Music For Flying Planes
Format: CD
Label: Essentia Mundi (@)
Rated: *****
After releasing three solo piano albums and two other ones focused on drones, Pietro Bonanno is releasing his latest album MUSIC FOR FLYING PLANES for Essentia Mundi. Based on drones for three out of five tracks (the remaining two are composed using treated piano layers which propose different de-constructed themes), the tracks weren't able to involve me too much because of the kind of sounds used (low bit-rate drones which were sounding with no dimension) and because of the choice of giving to the suites an hypnotic imprint with no apparent defined structure. The whole album has some good moments: "The day of diamond dreams" and "This journey will be eternal" are the tracks I appreciated most because it give the sensation to grow constantly but it's hard to stand 20' of recursive similar sounds because after 5 minutes the music became like a distant noise. If you are into minimal hypnotic ambient sounds check some sound excerpts at the label website.