Tuesday, June 2, 2020
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Artist: Eidvlon (@)
Title: Idolatriae
Format: CD
Label: Malignant Records (@)
Rated: *****
Here’s the description from the press release: "7 tracks of ultra bleak, abstract atmospheres, with sounds and textures that seem to seep from catacomb walls and come slithering out of subterranean chambers." This is a pretty fair description. This is dark ambient, but it’s noisy dark ambientsoothing bass drones with just a bit of dissonance and noises beneath the surface that at times completely overwhelms the drones. For example, in "LaMoraleComeCorollariodellaVittoria" (talk about a radio friendly name!) the noise breaks through the drones to slow pounding and grinding staticy noise. But this isn’t too harsh; it would still function fine as background music for doing something else. It’s engaging enough to be interesting but not so demanding as to keep interrupting your concentration. I had it playing in my office and a colleague stopped byI felt no inclination to turn off or turn down the music. The obvious comparisons to Lustmord apply, but Eidvlon seems to have more in common with some of the more experimental Zoviet France pieces. In other words, it fits quite well with the other material in the Malignant catalog. This disc weighs in at 41 minutes.