Friday, June 5, 2020
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Artist: Alpha (@)
Title: The Sky is Mine
Format: 2 x CD (double CD)
Label: Cat N Roof Records (@)
Here’s what the label states about this disc: "This is essentially Alpha's best remixes but also included brand new Horace Andy and Alpha tracks. But our interest in the moment is to get as much exposure as possible for their fourth vocal album 'The Sky Is Mine' it’s absolutely stunning." They certainly are casting a wide net and I’ll review it as best I can. A blurb on the site from Melody Maker states, "Its trip hop, I guess, as much as Radiohead are rock’n’roll," and that sounds about accurate. This is essentially pop, although to its credit it isn’t terribly radio friendly; it’s not upbeat enough. Slow moving synth washes and smoky female vocals. It doesn’t lend itself well to comparison, which in itself is a good thing. Some step outside of the formula. For example, "Home" is a peaceful track with acoustic guitar and lilting vocals. "A Little Poison" is a powerful, yet depressing track that calls to mind a scorned woman, and buried at the end of the track is a bonus of synth and ethereal vocals. Disc 2 consists of bonus tracks and remixes. "Brasier Ardent Theme" kind of reminds me of the theme from "Midnight Cowboy." "Till You Drop" has a great spastic beat to it. "Burn Me Again" is a nice minimal track that is quite soothing and then unloads with both barrels – sort of reminds me of Torcher. Overall, I enjoyed the remix disc far more than the album itself. These tracks seem to break out of the mold and really push the envelope. Disc 1 weighs in at 63 minutes and Disc 2 is 54 minutes. If you want to hear them, check out their myspace page at