Monday, September 28, 2020
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Skin Contact: The Fine Line

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Artist: Skin Contact (@)
Title: The Fine Line
Format: CD EP
You have to love a guy who has remix kits for his albums right on his website. I had not heard of Skin Contact, but the music sounds familiar. The list of influences this artists lists (that I agree with) includes: Front 242, X Marks the Pedwalk, The Crystal Method, Juno Reactor, The Future Sound of London, Autechre. The list goes on. You know this stuff. Skin Contact is a group that came about two decades too late. This is the kind of stuff that Wax Trax might have put out back in the day. This disc offers up stripped down instrumental industrial dance music with the occasional obligatory samples interspersed here and there. Perhaps what is most surprising is the cleanness of the sound for a self-released disc, but considering Breidenbach does freelance sound work it makes sense. But it’s almost too clean; I tend to like my industrial a bit more gritty. It finally occurred to me what this music would be good for – it isn’t really something that would drag me out onto the dance floor. It reminds me a lot of Alien Sex Fiend’s soundtrack to Inferno. This would make ideal video game music. Not bad, but it didn’t really do much for me. The only exception is the last track, "Over," that is a nice wash of noisy sweeps of sound and what sounds like stretched voices. This disc weighs in at 28 minutes.


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