Thursday, September 24, 2020
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Artist: Saralunden.Björkås.Mjös (@)
Title: Dubious
Format: CD EP
Label: Nexsound (@)
It may help to know some of the back story on this collaboration. The press release states that "Saralunden and Kyrre Björkås met 2002 in Riga when Sara was performing at an art exhibition. There was no sound engineer at the show but Kyrre, who was there working as an assistant to an artist from Norway, helped her out. A few hours later they were lovers." It goes on to state that the pair eventually broke up but still wanted to work together. This is one of those discs that defies categorization. This is stripped down duets accompanied by sparse instrumentation. But this is not duets like you would expect. They are duets only in the sense that you have two people singing together. The male and female vocals seem more spoken than sung and weave together nicely. However, it’s so sparse that it doesn’t really seem to go anywhere. The tracks remain in a state of stasis. For me, the best track is "Murder," which has a nice almost monotone delivery over a samba beat. The disc comes in a slipcase that refuses to yield the disc. This disc weighs in at just 16 minutes.


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