Tuesday, June 2, 2020
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Artist: Saralunden + Andrey Kiritchenko (@)
Title: There Was No End
Format: CD EP
Label: Nexsound (@)
At times, the background music is similar to Saralunden.Björkås.Mjös "Dubious," (which is also reviewed here) only not so sparse. "Come With Me" has a nice chant-like quality to it. "Oh So Blue" showcases Lunden’s melodic voice. The overall feeling is like having someone sing to you in your living room. "Don’t You Remember" adds a layer of processing to the voice and burbling electronics in the background that make it sound like something that Hafler Trio would do. "Take Your Chance When You Have It" brings in acoustic guitar, making it sound like something you’d hear at a campfire. There is something in the background that sounds like a cartoon cat being strangled though. It wasn’t quite as engaging as the previous tracks. "Erotic Dreams" is almost jazzy with a syncopated synth line through it. About halfway through it breaks into drums and electronic whirs and bleeps that seem to be at a slightly different tempo than the singer. "Tonight" brings back the acoustic guitar, but it gets a bit repetitive toward the end. For me, the standout tracks here are "Oh So Blue" and "Don’t You Remember." This disc weighs in at 24 minutes.