Thursday, May 28, 2020
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Artist: Rusted Breath Quiet Hands (@)
Title: s/t
Format: CDS (CD Single)
Label: MUUD (@)
Distributor: MUUD
Rated: *****
Rusted Breath Quiet Hands is a collaborative effort featuring Brooklyn-based alto saxophonist/composer Matthew Welch (rusted breath) and New England’s Craig Colorusso, a performance artist, dancer, sculptor, and guitarist (quiet hands). This self-titled CD – the second release on Colorusso’s MUUD label – includes two lengthy, untitled tracks. The first track begins with the sinister sound of Colorusso’s guitar coming to life as low moans are wrenches from its strings with a bow. This is soon accompanied by Welch, who improvises a series of long, sustained notes punctuated by the occasional melodic turn. The overall effect is somewhat reminiscent of bagpipes, with the powerful undertone of Colorusso’s bowed guitar providing a steady, low-end hum to support Welch’s higher, extended tones and chanter-like interludes. It’s a very novel and innovative interplay between the two instruments. The second song reverts to a more traditional sound for each instrument. Welch’s range on the alto really comes to the fore here, as he paints portraits of sound onto the wide open canvas of Colorusso’s slowly repeated, gently articulated guitar arpeggios and harp-like strums. The sax calls gently at times and cries out loud at others, alternately hiding behind and leaping out in front of its companion guitar. This piece is lovely, and evokes the feeling of swinging slowly in a hammock on a warm summer morning. This is an impressive debut with a cleverly onomatopoetic, descriptive name that humbly sums up its components. This disc should appeal very much to fans of organic experimental music.