Wednesday, July 15, 2020
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Title: Trancemissions
Format: CD
Label: Pharmafabrik (@)
Rated: *****
Mike Browning is a well known name into the death metal scene as he played with bands of the likes of Morbid Angel, Nocturnus, Incubus, Acheron and in his latest one: After Death. Inner Workings is his first solo keyboard project (he uses a Korg Poly61 and a Yamaha SY22) which took life in 2004. The four tracks of TRANCEMISSIONS born from different improvisation sessions and have no overdubs. Mike felt like a voice inside his head who told him to plug his keyboards to the Fostex multi-track recorder and then he started to play like on trance. That strange feeling forced him to do so other three times and this is how these four "alien soundscapes" born. Mike felt like he was channeling an unknown "force" and he decided to let it take the lead. If you listen to "Inner workings", "The edge of the universe", "The weeping of the angels" and "The swirling abyss" you realize that something was really going on and the particular Scott Clark panels you find on the outer and inner cover of the CD help giving to the album an occult atmosphere. Prepare yourself for fifty minutes of synth sounds with no drums and full of obscure moments.


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