Monday, June 1, 2020
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Artist: VV.AA. (@)
Title: Vagform Volym 1
Format: CD
Label: Vagform
Rated: *****
Although there’s a label hint regarding the copyrights of the represented audio material, I guess that behind Vagform doesn’t hides a real label. It’s rather a collective project driven by Krister Petterson, the music-head behind the Swedish Cold-Electropop duo CHINESE THEATRE. The concept of this collection is a quite interesting one and differs from a usual compilation. This 1-CD compilation is filled with 19 possible appearances, but all featured bands present 3 – 4 tracks each. This guarantees a quite good introduction on all of them, since all bands here can be named newcomer acts or at least they haven’t seen any higher stages of an unexpected so far. It also needs to be mentioned that all bands differ to each other sound-wise and provide therefore a diverse sound outfit. But one thing all of the featured bands have in common: they all share a rather retro and analogue-driven form of electronic-based music. Things get started with a German project entitled AUDIOSCOPE, at least I must admit that I haven’t heard of them before. The presented music on their 4 tracks is a sort of experimental retro-EBM, maybe a bit influenced by the classic work of THE KLINIK. Comes then NORTHERN ELECTRIC, a Swedish Synthpop act heavily inspired by some works of the early Energy-Records acts like ELEGANT MACHINERY, DEAD EYES OPEN or PAGE. Their stuff lacks a bit of originality, while the typically Nordic accent of the singer brings a smile in the face of the listener. PROTOTYP, well, that’s already a small name in the scene, likes to re-animate the classic old-school EBM-formula. Somehow their tracks draw some inspiration out of POUPPEE FABRIKK and AMNISTIA, to name a currently on-top artist. Well chosen sounds, good hook- and basslines plus useful male vocals – well, they should soon be able to reach a wider and international-based audience. CHINESE THEATRE of course don’t have to be missed here, offering three additional tracks of their cold but smooth melodic Synth-/Electropop. As usual, their dedication to some 80-retro acts is recognizable on every track. As expected, next to PROTOTYP the winner of this comp. ADOLF FILTER out of Gothenburg are another Swedish act which strictly relies on analogue synths and production tools. Somehow they seem to be the Swedish answer here on the entrancing AUDIOSCOPE, their tracks, also featuring some live improvisations, offers a comparable hypnotic mood. Last but not, the Belgian project LIQUID G – yes, move your ass to your good old vinyl and demo tape collection, because Peter van Bogaert is still alive and kicking. And at least his stuff sounds that chaotic like the nearly 20 years before, it seems that the time has stood still for him. A bit more modern with his new side-project MAXX IMPACT for sure, but the mood is similar. So you’ll get 19 tracks in all on a filled CD full of old-school and analogue-driven Electro power. A must-have compilation for the veteran and die-hard EBM maniacs, while the kids out of the Hellectro/Trancewhackedgoregalore-camp better keep their fingers away from it.

Track listing:

01 - Audioscope - The Prelude
02 - Audioscope - Shut Up
03 - Audioscope - In All Conscience
04 - Audioscope - 100(1).000 Souls
05 - Northern Electric - The Captain
06 - Northern Electric - The Modern Mannequin
07 - Northern Electric - Fashion
08 - Prototyp - Beyond Belief
09 - Prototyp - Shine
10 - Prototyp - Solitary Confinement
11 - Chinese Theatre - Bit By Bit
12 - Chinese Theatre - Forever And Ever
13 - Chinese Theatre - Minimal Horror
14 - Adolf Filter - Printed Letters
15 - Adolf Filter - Tiny Girl
16 - Adolf Filter - Alla Ord
17 - Maxx Impact - Gangsta
18 - Liquid G - Welcome (Rapture Mix)
19 - Liquid G - They Control It