Sunday, July 12, 2020
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Artist: Alvin Curran and Cenk ErgŁn
Title: The Art of Fluke
Format: CD
Label: Tear
Rated: *****
Henry David Thoreau once noted that "music is constant, only listening is intermittent." This idea of the constant presence of music in the world around us is aptly represented in Alvin Curran and Cenk Ergün’s latest effort "The Art of the Fluke," which centers on the notion of spontaneity and finding musicality in daily occurrences that most people would overlook such as running faucets, clanking shoes, and rattling plates. At a first listen, The Art of Fluke is highly reminiscent of Nurse With Wound’s now legendary "Chance Meeting on a Dissecting Table of a Sewing Machine and an Umbrella. However, the primary difference between Curran and Cenk and Nurse With Wound is that the former are actually trained musicians with a diverse range of work under their belts from music theory to chamber music, to experimental music with the like of MEV. This formal musical sensibility does come across in the music in that while the "Art of Fluke" is composed entirely of found sounds, it is a very cohesive and well thought out piece of music that has an a very organic flow to it. Overall, "The Art of the Fluke" is a very interesting collection of experimental compositions in the musique concrete vein that moves beyond the usual amateur excursions into sound manipulation that most records of this variety tend to be.


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