Tuesday, July 14, 2020
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Artist: XP_DEVICES (@)
Title: starrust & ballast
Format: CD
Label: DeVega
Rated: *****
Hailing from Genoa Xp_devices join the ranks of danceable melodic electronic music together with their town fellas Port Royal. Despite the fact they're coming from the same town and they both play melodic-electronic music they have nothing more to share with the Royals, these guys are way more french-electronics oriented. What does french electronics mean then? No old fart, no Metal Urbain and not even Plastic Bertrand... we're talking about Daft Punk, Air (even if their not as ethereal), Cassius, Luke Vibert, a little bit of Chemical Brothers and sure a spruce of Lcd Soundsystem. It all means you have the dance flavor, the analog keyboard sound a-la-eighties and a popular disco approach that's why I'm tented to add this cd features also an Italo-disco aftertaste a la Planet Funk, sure they're considerably different but I hope you get what I mean (and above all tip of hat to Planet Funk for having written a couple of chart-climber hits that were real killers). Well produced and with many guest-vocals even if the male singer in the most of the episodes is "Genoa's own funkster" Bobby Soul that many italian readers may remember for his past experiences with Blindosbarra. At the very first listenings I wasn't completely convinced but several plays later, thought it has its ups and downs, I've to say after all is a good product it just lacks of a that hyper-production like that which makes Daft Punk and all those bands we mentioned before major product. Anyhow "starrust & ballast" is a debut therefore I wouldn't be surprised if they could make it on a major as well the just have to refine the material here and there.


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