Monday, September 28, 2020
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Title: Agent Side Grinder
Format: 12"
Label: Enfant Terrible (@)
Rated: *****
After their debut 7" and their track on the "Hoera! Een Hex voor thuis!" album compilation here comes the AGENT SIDE GRINDER debut vinyl album. The platter opens with the two tracks released on the 7" but here presented in a different version. The first unreleased track we find is "Voice of your noise", an obsessive track which pair a rumbling bass guitar with background industrial noises and desperate vocals. No drum. "Lashes of flashes" is less "destructive". On this one the Swedish duo bring to the attention of the listener an hypnotic retro experimental electronic tune. "The leading role", instead mix Suicide with Soft Cell, while "Brave new age" leads the audience through six minutes of slow electronic melancholy. A track which sounds good for a noir movie. "String strikes" is the one I prefer and on this one Agent Side Grinder sound like an electronic version of Gang Of Four/Pere Ubu on acid. This tune is the most melodic of the lot but it has a lot of tribal percussions along with catchy synth lines. Also "Container baby traffic blues" is less experimental, melodically speaking, but it has always that tormented vocals/attitude which fast became the band's peculiarity. The album closes with "Remnants of my sight", a track which reminds me of the less depressed Joy Division. I'm glad to notice that the duo didn't stick on their initial Cabaret Voltaire approach and proposed on this album a wider collection of songs which explore electronic experimentation as well as something more melodic.


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