Sunday, July 5, 2020
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Artist: Voide (@)
Title: Evolution
Format: CD
Label: self-released
Distributor: CD Baby
Rated: *****
Although VOIDE is his new music project and has started in 2K6, the Swedish Electro/Industrial-musician David Almgren can’t be at seen as a greenhorn. David already started to experiment with electronic-based music in 1984 and can look back on several music projects in quite different directions. Nothing which could grab enough attention for a possible break-through, but a lot of stuff to learn and to grow on. The result of his growing can be discovered on this new full-length album entitled Evolution. Compared to the rather spacey background Electronica tunes mostly presented on his early last years’ debut "Space Sponge", VOIDE offers a refreshing new form of Electro-Pop music, which finds musically inspiration in the pioneering works of KRAFTWERK, YELLO, ART OF NOISE or other Synthpop-driven artists with a strictly dedication to the romantic kind of the 80s Pop/Wave-culture. Of course, some of David’s textures as well as his recording abilities are sounding up-to-date, but this doesn’t at all weaken the first impression. He also couldn’t resist to offer his vocals in this mostly vocoderized "robotic-voice" style, which has made KRAFTWERK that famous. Most of the tracks offer a straight-forward and beat-oriented attitude, I finally hope that a DJ will be courageous enough to play this kind of music. Everything on this album sounds coherent and nearly epic, while he’s picking up several themes like the ongoing development of the man – machine dialogue and several astronomy and Sci-fi-related things. Both tracks out of VOIDE’s Si-CD released only a half year before, "Computer Nation" and "Dream Machine", are available on here too, and can be named as being the most catchiest tracks here, while pieces like "Motivator" or "R-Evolution" penetrating the boundaries to some EBM-minded areas. Another great proof, that Electronic-based music has had its heydays around 15 years before, but as much as I adore this album and the artistically concept behind this fine project, it needs to be mentioned, that Evolution is only David’s third best work so far. After a now 9-years-old daughter, the entirely Chain D.L.K. staff likes to send out congratulations and all best wishes to the whole Almgren family for the sweet female family addition, which happened to see the light of life during the last week.


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