Tuesday, August 11, 2020
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Title: Probres Chavales
Format: CD
Label: Punch Records (@)
Distributor: Masterpiece Distribution
Rated: *****
Released as the previous split 7" by Punch Records, here's the first full length by Comando Suzie. Sung only in Spanish language, POBRES CHAVALES brings to the lovers of electro wave eleven songs in balance from dark minimal electro and synthpop. As for the single, Comando Suzie, is formed by Raul Lopez, Ella and helped out by Demian (active as O Paradis, as you probably already know). If I'd tell that it's the first time that I listen to electronic Spanish music I'd lie, because I know Aviador Dro (best known as the Spanish Kraftwerk even if most of their songs aren't comparable to the ones of the German gods as they sound different and born from from a totally different background). Instead for Comando Suzie I'd avoid any link to Kraftwerk as this time we have something different: Comando Suzie play a minimal electro pop a melancholic and dark but also capable of proposing potential hits like "Descabello" (arranged differently it could be a dance hit) or a dark anthem like the following "Disciplina". Proposing a blend of Die Form meet Telex the trio made a good debut CD that unfortunately has been printed into a limited edition of only 333 copies. Check them on the Punch Records page and hurry!


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