Friday, September 25, 2020
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Artist: Cynergy 67 (@)
Title: New Machine
Format: CD EP
Label: Radio-Active-Music (@)
Distributor: CD Baby
Rated: *****
After a first introducing compilation release, we like to welcome the North-Eastern US-based label Radio-Active-Music on top of the scene. It’s not at all the label business in which kind they work, they’re also active as promoters, distributors and gig organizers around the VA/D.C./MD-area. Several more or lesser known have found in them a reliable partner to reach some more exposure. Same has happened with this release by the Milwaukee-based duo of CYNERGY 67, who play a sort of Electro/Metal-Crossover music, very much following the lectures of the Coldwave-movement. 16 VOLT, IDIOT STARE or CHEMLAB are surely the outstanding names for this genre and in this direction also CYNERGY 67 can be sorted in, while they still leave some space for development in all terms of production. The tunes of CYNERGY 67 seem to be generally more dedicated to the Metal-genre, some "real" basses and hand-played drums instead of the use of a drum computer are rather witnesses of a more organic sound. The Electronica-elements got reduced and placed mostly in the background of the mix, with the one exception of the track "Escape The Violence", which fulfills any need for some dancefloor action of the Alternative-minded audience. Since this EP seems to be the debut for this duo, it comes out quite satisfying. A refreshing of the used sounds and a stronger dedication to offer something different, which can be more easier recognized as an own signature stands still on their "to-do-list", but this can be delayed until they return with new full-length album.


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