Sunday, July 5, 2020
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Artist: The Crystalline Effect (@)
Title: Hypothermia
Format: CD EP
Label: Advoxya Records (@)
Distributor: DSBP
Rated: *****
Well, I just noticed that I’m a bit late with the review on this release, so let’s hope the best that I can resist the spoken curses of the Siberian tiger :-P . The Australian duo of THE CRYSTALLINE EFFECT is one of the new signed artists to the growing Advoxya-armada consisting of Pete Crane and Elenor Rayner. Although I had discovered them only with some compilation appearances (Crash Frequency, Interbreeding) before, this bands has a past with a previously released album "Glass" out on the defunct Polish label Black Flames. This seems to be a fact which still hurts the band, because thanks to the not-happened promotion efforts of the undergoing Black Flames label, the sales of their debut went down to be almost ridiculous. Musically and technically there’s nothing to complain with the efforts of this duo. They play live as often as possible in every thinkable country, they are active members of the Australian Crash-Frequency-community, they invest a lot into self-promotion, Pete is also a member of PLAGUE SEQUENCE, another international recognized act – in short, they’re one of those bands a label nowadays wishes to sign with. This EP nevertheless is the result of a bad happening for this band, because this release was initially planned to be out under the title "Do Not Open". But since the complete content of the originally planned EP went illegally online on a Russian piracy download portal, band and label agreed to refresh the track list and to offer the listeners some more exclusive stuff. So you’ll get here some newer recordings of the band which offer a decent look-out to the upcoming new album. And with 14 tracks this EP is still richly filled. Hypothermia, the title track is a straight and catchy moving Futurepop-tune, which could give out a small club hit. The initially planned title track "Do Not Open" rather represents the more-Trip-Hop side of this duo. Several remix works accomplishing this EP, you’ll get to hear some cool tunes by BLANK, IMPLANT, NEGATIVE FORMAT, URCEUS EXIT, NEIKKA RPM and both Advoxya-bands CB and SCHYZZO.COM. You’ll see on this illustrate list that most of the acts share the sort of more "intelligent" produced Electronica efforts – this fits well with the diverse attitude of THE CRYSTALLINE EFFECT. This is a quite good and regarding the chosen sounds on-top of the times released EP, which guarantees valuable stuff to listen and to dance. A nice appetizer to their next album.


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