Friday, September 25, 2020
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Title: Slowmotion
Format: CD
Label: Force of nature (@)
Rated: *****
I guess many of you have heard Telepherique cause of their large discography which among the other features some interesting collaborations with artists such as like Ultra Milkmaid and Maurizio Bianchi. This time what we've is another full record to supplement their eve increasing discography and the guest appearance for the occasion is Hue from Sparkle in Grey's fame, he remixed some original sounds coming from their past releases on Afe and didn't betrayed the original atmospheres. The fact is the whole recording is quite homogeneous in a really good way, there's also a nocturnal feel that's probably what we can consider one of Telepherique's main characteristics together with the fact they've an evolved eighties rhythmical electronics feel and this quasi-ambiental mood pushing underneath. I know many of you into the last trend of the day by reading: "eighties rhythmical electronics" are on the way to surrender to the obvious prejudice this one is the typical passatist release from some old hero unable to move on... the answer is: no fucking way!. Telepherique have evolved, what I mean is that they simply haven't betrayed their original spirit and their genome by adding some glitches or some white noise randomly. Some of these people had to do with Ant Zen and I'm tented to comment somehow that helps a lot to make a picture of how it sound like, sure that's not your average Ant Zen release (If there's an average release by that label) but you will agree with the fact there's a nocturnal, post-experimental, post-early-industrial, nordic feel that's mutual to many of their releases and that's the case too. Simple straight squared rhythmics combined with soft simple crepuscular melodies, it paints a cold but yet human scenario, add to this that despite the one hour length of the cd, it's really far from sounding repetitive, in my book it means thumbs up for me.


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