Thursday, May 28, 2020
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Artist: Solar Powered People (@)
Title: Hibernation
Format: CD
Label: Three Ring Records (@)
Rated: *****
Solar Powered People's peculiar name comes from the concern about global warming and the fact that, as explained from the band itself, there is the pro-global warming population VS the anti-global warming population. Cool. "Hibernation" is their debut album and can be described as a mixture of a slightly shoegaze and wave influenced dreampop. After the intro with a disquieting child voice and spooky sounds there's the first track called "They'll Never Know" with a guitarplay so cold and melanchonic that you'll hardly believe that the band comes from the sunny Central Valley - about an hour from San Fran - but the band states among the influencesThe Cure, Failure, Sunny Day Real Estate, Joy Division and Boards of Canada (argh...) among others. The third song is called "Commercial Flight" and it is a spacey track with a vocal line resembling the most inspired For Against - this is the standout track on "Hibernation": excellent pure rapture. The rest of the album is good but doesn't reach those heigths - contemporary dreampoppers of the new generation.