Saturday, May 30, 2020
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Artist: ISIS SIGNUM (@)
Title: Electrosensual
Format: 2 x CD (double CD)
Label: Advanced Synergy (@)
Distributor: A Different Drum
Rated: *****
So finally here comes the new ISIS SIGNUM full-length album packed in a special paper box and strictly limited. Besides the album it features an additional CD-EP dedicated to the track "Destroy The Wall" well hidden in here. Talking at first on the full-length album, Helder continues to produce danceable Electro-Clash tunes in a rather static and cold mood and he once again likes to pick up female guest vocalists. SARA NOXX, KINDEL of LIQUEFACTION (both already available on the both predecessor EP "Heartbreaker" and "Communication") and TYING TIFFANY are sharing the microphone to offer their abilities to fulfill Helder’s tracks with the right human factor. Besides the fact that Helder seems to have a favor to use only analogue hardware equipment, it is conspicuous that the music generally doesn’t concentrate to storm through the ears in your brain. A calm and remarkable melodic content which would point out the tracks is a bit missed. But maybe this is intentional and shall explain his musically difference to all Futurepop-/Electro-Clash acts out there? Helder works as a DJ and is internationally renowned, he therefore should know which elements in his music work at best to entertain the masses or to fill the floors. The nearly old-school EBM-like "Not Defined", available in two versions, is a favorite, "Destroy The Wall", the into German translated "Herzensbrecher" have to be named too. 12 tracks at all on this album, plus you’ll get a video clip on "Destroy The Wall".
The additional inserted CD-EP of "Destroy The Wall" is comparable with the content of both predecessor EP’s "Heartbreaker" and "Communication". 9 tracks at all on this item which features some new interpretations by internationally renowned names like Daniel Myer (haujobb., DESTROID), the German Black-Rain-recording artist SUPREME COURT or STRAFBOMBER. This EP is a fine additions for the die-hard fans for sure, while I tend to rate the last EP "Communication" to be the better alternative. Anyhow, with this nice package, which features additional info sheets, flyers and goodies all around, DJ Helder has created to himself a kind of monument. The signals out of the clubs world-wide made it possible and Helder grows from release to release. Check out a rather calm-minded electronic music output hailing out of Mexico asides the known HOCICO/AMDUSCIA-formula...