Wednesday, August 12, 2020
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Artist: OTX (@)
Title: A World In Red
Format: CD
Label: Funkwelten (@)
Distributor: Audioglobe
Rated: *****
Funkwelten isn't a really active label, their past release was last year's Oil 10 album. Fortunately their releases are really good and I've been surprised by the sound and by the cinematic ambience created by their latest two releases. OTX, like Oil 10, is a project of a French guy (his name sounds so Italian as Stefano Piredda sounds coming from Sardinia, so I'm assuming he's French) which had at his active two other albums and an activity as graphic designer. Anyway, A WORLD IN RED contains 12 tracks and 2 remixes which will nail you to your chair because of their intensity. Being influenced by ambient and by techno, Stefano created tracks rich of sounds, rhythms and energy, where drums don't simply sound, but blast! On "Cyber murder" you can find his collaboration with Kenji Siratori (yes, again!) which duet with the apparent calmness of the choirs and guitars. When rhythm section starts, the track turns into a sort of new wave dreamy one with some industrial ambient inserts. If you love classic electronic music but you are also into techno and e.b.m. don't be afraid into checking this one. Great sounds and upbeat rhythms are waiting for you. Just loose yourself and follow the flow of sound...


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