Monday, August 3, 2020
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Artist: PURE H
Title: Signia
Format: CD
Label: Pharmafabrik (@)
Rated: *****
Active since early '90s, PureH gathers members who during the last 15 years played into many musical projects as Inertia, KSVLKSV, Xarq, etc. Their latest album has been released in 2005 and was titled "Anadonia" (reviewed on Chain D.L.K. by Andrea Ferraris). This new CD isn't properly PureH new album, it is a collection of remixes of "Signia", the track which opened that album. I'm always picky with remix albums and this one has both the good and the bad sides of an operation like this could have. First of all, unfortunately, only one track has been reworked and this is a limit to audience who don't live out of bread and dub. The good point is that the label (or the band) chose the top notch of genre's artists to remix that track. Eraldo Bernocchi (you should know him for his work with Sigillum S, Bill Laswell, etc), P.C.M., South African Chris Wood, KK Null, Dj Surgeon, Wodan, Richard Dunlap, Burp, Mo Shang and Psychedelic Desert expanded, liquefied, raped the original track turning it into an ambient, industrial, dub, guitar i.d.m., experimental electronica, jazzy ambient track. On some versions you could still recognize the original tune which surfaces from layers of sounds. My preferred ones are the opening Eraldo Bernocchi "Vision rising" version, P.C.M.'s "Blue waters turn black" and Richard Dunlap's "East lands silent".


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