Saturday, May 30, 2020
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Artist: VV.AA.
Title: The Arbitrary Width of Shadows
Format: CD
Label: Projekt Records
Distributor: projekt records
OK, on a personal side note before the review... ... ... ... .. We have almost all either experienced cancer or someone who has gone through it. And anyone who has seen either can tell you the biggest burden oftentimes is the financial costs that lie underneath for treatment and radiation, often leaving the patients dangling between being cured and being left homeless. This CD is a charity to help the Minnesota Oncology Hematology Foundation, a foundation which helps patients of cancer maintain a normal life while going through the treatments. The girl on the cover was saved by the foundation from homelessness and certain death. And she is stunning to put it simply, and she is beyond gorgeous! Any person would would leave her homeless must be made of stone.
On to the music now! The CD starts off with none other than Black Tape For A Blue Girl and their track "Kinski" named after the infamous actor Klaus Kinski (don’t ask me the connection I’d like to know myself!), who happens to be my fave actor. After seeing Mira in concert and hanging out with the guys, I’ve opened up a lot more to their music after being curious for a while. "Open In Silence" seems to toss away any Slowdive comparisons and is a mark of maturity to me. Audra is a band that’s growing and to me still is to reach their potential. The new CD seems a step in the right direction. By the next CD I guarantee you may just see a milestone in the goth scene, which dearly needs it. I like their new-found narrative lyrical style, though. Now onto Voltaire’s "Vampire Club"! Needless to say I fucking love this track and is a great spoof much of the goth club scene needs! I love this guy’s humor too, very Johanne Vasquez style. Some of the other highlight’s include LoveSpirals and Unto Ashes (two fun bands to interview),with some familiar tracks. I also have fallen in love with Mors Syphilitica, but this is the only other song I’ve ever heard people play in clubs and on compos. The lady singer’s voice is pure heaven, floating between operatic and ethereal without falling into the usual "I’m gonna hit the high notes like Liz Frazier" trap. And the guitar just smooth and gliding, very silky and mixing with the vocals perfectly. They are definitely going on my X-Mas list this year!
Good CD, good cause, in short. And this association may well end up helping you or someone you love one day, and plus it’s a good intro to the Projekt style of music. Plus at 3.95 what better are you going to buy? If you want to make a donation directly to the society, the address is: The Minnesota Oncology Hematology Foundation,405 Piper Building,800 East 28th Street,Minneapolis,MN 55407.
For further info call Margie Sborov at 1-612-863-8751.