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No Luck Club: 8 May 2007

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Live Act(s): No Luck Club (@)
Event Date: 8 May 2007
Type of Event: Small Club Concert
Venue: Fat Baby
Promoter/Organizer: Expansion Team records
Rated: *****
As our readers know very well, we wouldn't usually review hip hop in an electronic/industrial music magazine, but there is nothing usual about No Luck Club, and although they call themselves "an instrumental hip hop band", their attitude on stage, their instrumentation, their approach to the art of DJing records, is borderline electronic music (in fact I think they should really check out the Warper Party and get a spot on that bill!).
No Luck Club is three asian dudes, two of which spin records that they manipulate and get creative with live and in real time (and by that I mean that they take it way beyond simple crossfading and scratching) while the third guy produces original (or sampled) sounds using two laptops and two usb keyboard controllers). While the underlaying beats might be of hip hop and funk heritage, the overall attitude towards real time live experimentation and sound manipulation is one that many of our readers are well acquainted with and would certainly highly appreciate if they got a chance to check out No Luck Club on a stage.
I saw them at their record release party at Fat Baby's in NYC. The record marks the first Expansion Records release, a new label that was born as a branch of the library music and sound designing company Expansion Team. I was thoroughly impressed and (yes, I admit) I was shaking my ass on occasion too. The show was great and I suggest you try to catch them live too... In the meantime check out their beautiful and creative horizontally laid out website at the link above!


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