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CLAIR OBSCUR: 12 May 2007

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Event Date: 12 May 2007
Type of Event: Small Club Concert
Venue: Iroko Club
Rated: *****
Sincerely, one of the worst concert I’ve seen in this year. Considered one of the most important French New Wave bands, CLAIR OBSCUR during these years have passed through different styles and experimentations, covering all the influences among rock and classical music, experimental and industrial. So, when this concert was announced, many in southern Italy were expecting it as THE EVENT OF THE YEAR. But often what starts badly ends even worse. The concert was announced as starting at 22 (that, in Southern Italy means it will start at 23:30), but keeping the club closed until midnight, and then starting the concert at 1:30 is really a lack of respect for all the fans who arrived in hurry and maybe do anything in their life different from going to dance and see a concert. But this are silly things compared to how was the concert. The band - now the lineup is only Christophe Demarthe (vocals) and Nicolas Demarthe (guitars) – starts to play really bored, seems to do a favour to the public. The first songs are interesting, even though disturbed by this "fuck-you" attitude of the band, but soon the other songs show a total lack of energy, interesting ideas, compositive skills: all the things you just know CLAIR OBSCUR usually have! Songs are boring, similar one to the other, banal. The singer after quite every song decide to speak just to offend and insult the public, telling in different ways we understand nothing, that we applause and have fun when the song just sang was sad and so on... the worst is when, after a JOY DIVISION’s cover (at least remember the lyrics when you play a so important cover) they gently invite the public to hang themselves. Really a drunken poor man willing to cross out in an hour 26 years of good music, leaving in all the real fans of the band (the ones who have all the records in Lp and CD, the original 7", know the lyrics by heart) a sense of disgust and sadness. The last pearl has been when Christophe Demarthe announces the new songs, a new "dark disco" genre they pretend to have invented right now and they’re proposing during concerts... so you’d expect some gothic dance maybe different from the usual ebm or techno-industrial, maybe more new-wave oriented or other things... NO, it’s the 20 years old style that bands like FRONT 242 and others played in the eighties... THIS IS THE NEW GENRE THEY INVENTED JUST NOW as they presumptuously declare? Forget it, go back to your CLAIR OBSCUR records collection. Never again.


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