Friday, June 5, 2020
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Artist: Sophie Zeyl
Title: Two Ways Of Running
Format: CD
Label: I-Rain (@)
Rated: *****
Sophie Zeyl is the third signing on I-Rain label. Her first debut "Two Ways Of Running" is absolutely genuine at its best. A cross between indie pop and electronic. The album is well indeed radio friendly and could stir up a fan base. Rich guitar layers with synth and electronic melodies. A mellow laidback and mid-tempo type of album that will help you and guide you away from your troubles and worries. You can even dance to some of the tracks. Indeed pure and innocent with emotional feelings involve. Lush vocals that's angelic with warmth and compassion. Sophie gets help from ex-Xymox members Anka Wolbert and Pieter Nooten with producing. Outstanding tracks includes "You Could Have Run Away", "I Am Not Like That", "Two Apples", "Move Me", and "Words Are Easy". A nice album to listen to from start to finish then repeat it over again.