Thursday, September 24, 2020
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CriBabi: Volume

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Artist: CriBabi
Title: Volume
Format: CD
Label: Fidela (@)
In a time where the British wave is not catching up in the US anymore (thank god for that!) somebody did make it all the way over here (strangely enough, apparently without the help of some major record company pushing it some way), and as far as I can tell, this time it's because they deserved it, as opposed to just because they dress like losers, don't shave for a couple of days in a row and plagiarize Oasis and Blur. All the way from UK and Japan, here comes Cribabi (pronounced Cry Baby): well known producer/musician Andy Cox (formerly with Fine Young Cannibals and The Beat) and Yukari Fujiu (formerly with The Groopies, besides releasing two solo records on Pony Canyon records), who, let me tell you, is nothing like your average Japanese front-girl!
Although "Volume" is not your average Chain D.L.K. material either, it is an innovative piece of art, where genre-bending eclectic funky mixtures of pop, rock, electronica, ambient, blues, trip-hop convey with the eccentricity of a great female vocalist that sings totally catchy tunes ranging from hypnotic and moody to melodic and sophisticated and that can sound like Garbage, Imbruglia, Bjork, Etheridge, Portishead and so much more... you wouldn't tell she is a Tokyo's underground gem for that matter... She went to London to work with Eurythmics' Dave Stewart and ended up eating and drinking fish and chips in a pub, studying Cockney rhyming slang and getting sonically involved with Cox in his lo-fi Studio Zero (somewhere around Covent Garden's market, where the all street artists are...). Things like that only happen in London and in New York City...
This is an extremely multifaceted and changing album where dynamism and crossovers are an every-song occurrence. You really have it all here, lots of electronics, distorted guitars, acoustic guitars, Hawaiian guitar, bass, trumpet, sitar, harmonica, gamelan, metallic and wood percussions. Of course many of these acoustic instruments may happen to be sampled, but you get the picture! Of course Cox's presence makes sure that the rhythmical body of the opera is solid, consistent and un-compromised, even when it just comes down to a shaker, an egg and a splash... Of course the most thrilling and coolest beats to me remain the dirty r'n'b-vibe samples or the fast pace drum'n'bass-driven break-beatz...
The seventish-psychedelic folding cover comes in a never before seen plastic case that looks like a wallet plus the CD comes with an appetizing Macromedia/QuickTime PC/Mac presentation of the band, also including 2 video-clips (of which one in both English and French version), a bio, pictures and a taste of other Fidela releases.
The song "I'm the One", backed with "Beautiful Mistake" (which has also been garage-remixed by Dj Bad Cop), have been choosen as Cribabi's single, also available on Fidela records.
Next time you are in London and you are walking by a lake, be on the look out for a short Jap girl with a blue-white walking toy dog that responds to the name Oishi (I know a piano player from Tokyo with the same name!)...
This is global pop for the future (hopefully! ...'cause personally I am sick of the Manchester crap of the past years!)...
PS: Look out for a Cribabi givaway on Chain D.L.K. for your chance to get a free CriBabi CD!!!


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