Friday, September 25, 2020
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God Module: Perception

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Artist: God Module
Title: Perception
Format: CD EP
Label: Sector 9 Studios (@)
Released just a little over a month ago on Session 9 Studios (the same label that did the new Negative Format album, of which you can read in these very pages), God Module's "Perception" EP follows their debut "Artificial" and presents only three new songs backed with eight remixes, totalling eleven tracks.God Module is dance-ebm that in my opinion lacks a little in originality when it hangs in the same old cliches of punching filtered synth lines and sequences, distorted whispering vocals and steady beats.Following is a list of the bands who provided remixes along with what flavor they gave the remix and with their web url for more info: Infekktion (stomping industrial -, Culture Kulture (rave-industrial -, Dismantled (dark/ambient -, Parallel (techno/electro - another Sector 9 band), Cut.Rate.Box (ebm -, L'Ame Immortelle (ebm-dance -, Stomkern (ebm -, Grendel (industrial - the remix war formula is an interesting way to get an EP together, especially when remixers get way personal about the outcome, but in this case it just didn't click for me... But then again, let's not forget it's always a matter of taste.


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