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Tim Keiper: 20 February 2007

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Live Act(s): Tim Keiper (@)
Event Date: 20 February 2007
Type of Event: Small Club Concert
Venue: the Stone
Rated: *****
Can a drummer/percussionist hold a stage for a whole hour without boring anybody? Sure he can, if he is Tim Keiper and he is as creative and resourceful as he Tim is.
Probably be best known in the downtown music scene as one of the percussionists in Cyro Baptista's group Beat the Donkey (, Tim has obviously something to say on his own and he got a chance to do so yesterday night, at Zorn's East Village spot the Stone, in front of an excited full house.

Using everything from 12 drums sticks taped together to make a 15 feet long drum stick to his custom children-toys-modified bike steering wheel slash cymbal stand; playing drums with EVERY imaginable object (even Chevrolet car rims) and all four of his body limbs; going to the bathroom (mic-ed for the occasion) to do animal calls with his mouth and some secret toys; singing, screaming and doing spoken word through tom toms and/or coffee maker parts; playing drum sticks with his mouth as if they were a jew's harp and displaying AND playing his mind boggling installation of wind-up carion-type instrument parts, mirrors, christmas lights and electronics to manipulate the sounds coming out of the giant contraption; singing African-sounding chants while playing drums or shuffling his uyot-seeds-rattle-strapped feet or playing a marimba/kalimba-sounding box-shaped percussion instrument (probably African in origin as well) OR even all of the above together; and so much more...

Tim is redefining the research within and around his instrument(s) and blurring the lines between percussions, performance art, modern art and theater. This was one of the most engaging, entertaining and inspired shows I have seen at the Stone lately.
A must see for everyone into avantgarde art, experimental theater and music, world music and cool new stuff! If you are a drummer DEFINITELY go see him as soon as you can, just don't ever let him borrow your drums if you happen to share a stage with him ;-)


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