Saturday, July 11, 2020
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Artist: Za Frūmi
Title: Shrak ishi za migul - chapter 3
Format: CD
Label: Waerloga Records (@)
Rated: *****
This album is very impressive!

Simon Kölle (Musterion, Abnocto) and Simon Heath (Atrium Carceri, Abnocto) are the masterminds behind Za Frûmi.

This is Za Frûmi´s fifth release on Waerloga Records and the third in the "Za Frûmi saga". The band has two brilliant branches. One consisting of atmospheric, dark ambient, fantasy inspired instrumental music called "Za Frûmi Legends"
And the other is the "Za Frûmi saga" which deals with orcs. It’s music with dialogue in black speech but on "Shrak ishi Za migul" also the language of dark elves.

In the 20 pages big booklet of "Shrak ishi Za migul" (Gathering in the mist) one can read up on the story and everything said on the CD is translated to English in there.

It’s not only dialogue but also extremely good atmospheric fantasy music too!
The music sounds like some of the best soundtrack composers out there. Always with their own sound and stile. I stunned actually by this album. Normally I hate dialogue and I don’t care much about radio theatre but here it’s more like seeing a film in a new cool way. The film that plays is one of the darkest and most magical in the history of filmmaking. But hey! Wait. I have to remind myself this is no soundtrack to an existing film. But still they have had over 20 actors involved in creating the album.

This album I thought was made for Tolkien nerds but I was so wrong thinking that.
The mix, the master and the SOUNDS are so incredible I find no other word than magnificent!

The fact also that the two members have one solo project each which are some of the best in their genres make me believe the two Simons could make possible any music genre great. I cannot wait for them releasing another collaboration called Abnocto. According to the bands myspace site they recorded that project 60 meters under the ground!
The two Simons are crazy but that’s what so good!

The combination of electric and acoustic instruments gets under your skin and whisks you in to a split tempo, split personality of rough and smooth, wet and dry, sugar and salt anomalies of what one might witness when, well running outside, through the trees, in dark corridors of a haunted castle, walk among ruins, fight great battles, hide in the dark and sneak into a human inn. Great tunes!


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