Saturday, May 30, 2020
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Artist: SAM (@)
Title: Synthetic Adrenaline Music
Format: CD
Label: ProNoize (@)
Distributor: Broken Silence
Rated: *****
New signing and output for the German ProNoize label, member of the Dark Dimension label group. With SAM they introduce us a German two-men output providing us a straight and harsh forward moving Electro/Powernoise sound. The music maybe somehow can be described if you use their band name, although this shouldn’t start discussions of a new sub-genre. Hard, forward-moving rhythmically Electro tunes, here and there flavored with some noise elements and mostly German voice samples – but not real Powernoise. This stuff seems to be rather designed for the short-hair Hellektro-supporter, thanks to a huge amount of repetition and monotony in their "songs", I somehow got the impression that two Tekkno-music producers got tired of their usual stuff and tried to jump on a darker and merciless train. I miss compositional depth, the 18 tracks here really deserve the description "track" like never-ever before – it’s a rather loop-oriented kind of work. Enjoyable under the influence of some drinks maybe with the need to move your lazy ass, but hard to find acceptance on a home entertainment. Somehow I prefer more the label colleagues of XOTOX and NOISUF-X or CONTROL-SYSTEM, which all provide more noise...