Saturday, May 30, 2020
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ENGELMACHER: Birds Of A Feather

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Title: Birds Of A Feather
Format: CD
Label: E-Rhythematosus Records
Distributor: E-Rhythematosus Records
Rated: *****
Behind this German name hides another self-released debut of an US-based Electro/Industrial act hailing from St. Louis, Missouri. This project consists mainly of Michael, who’s doing almost all production and vocals, and Natalie, who does some live synth work. Engelmacher describes metaphorically the term of population control, and this act just could enter a free slot on the international renowned Interbreeding compilation series (Interbreeding IX – Kuru, just out while I’m writing this...) of the BLC Productions label. Now out with this first CD which presents the musically dimension somewhere between dancefloor-compatible Electropop tunes up to pounding EBM/Dark Electro-related tracks. Both opening tracks, "Retribution" and "Circumstance" are harder-edged danceable Dark Electro tunes (NOT Trance-inspired Hellektro...) with distorted, whispering-like vocals and remind strong on some works of INFORMÄTIK or older EVILS TOY – for sure not a bad reference. Things get a bit smoother with some catchy Future-/Electropop-inspired works like "Bypass", "Useless Gestures" or "Thrust". Also the vocals on this tracks are rather clear and naturally placed, without the use of uncountable effects. With "Devotion" this act proves that they can also deal with some slower and rather creepy tunes. It has to mention that the programming abilities of this act and the detailed worked-out synth textures are the winning points for this production, the arrangements and sounds are well-thought and installed. Nice artwork too, so this is one of the most promising and still unsigned newcomer acts around. A strong recommendation to purchase this fine item, also for some labels a quality tip to give it a try...