Wednesday, September 30, 2020
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DIVE: Lies in your Eyes

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Artist: DIVE
Title: Lies in your Eyes
Format: CD
Label: Daft (@)
Distributor: Tristol / EFA
I am assuming Dirk Ivens and Dive need no introduction. After almost three years of silence following the "Soes Mix" 12" release on the italian Minus Habens label, the five tracks of his new "Lies in your Eyes" break new ground in the musical evolution of one of the greatest Belgian noise-musicians. Distortion is present as always, but there is room for more rhythmical structures and even more definite vocals get clearance. His long-time collaborator Eric van Wonterghem takes part in this project as well and maybe that is the reason why Dive is going back to the noise-electro of the past. The bodies of the songs are quite minimal but the full force effect is guaranteed, especially if you follow Dirk's directions of playing it at maximum volume! I love it!


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